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imageMV and HV Motors

CNE International can provide a wide range of different motors.

All our products benefit from high manufacturing processes and rigorous testing.

These products are manufactured to international quality standards, such as ISO 9001 standard, as well as others recognized standards.

See below further information on the different products.


TAW Series

product1Synchronous motors, particularly adapted for use in hazardous environments.

  • compact construction
  • high efficiency
  • low noise, vibration-free
  • safe operation, easy maintenance
  • Brushless excitation

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Y, YKK & YKS Series

product2Three phase high voltage induction motors (Y) can be provided with air to air heat exchanger (YKK) or air to water heat exchanger (YKS)

  • Reliable performance
  • High efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • easy installation and maintenance

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Three phase high voltage induction motors, TEFC type (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled). It is supplied with exterior fan cooling system




Our most successful products

1TAW range


HV synchronous motor, designed for safe and hazardous areas
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2Y range



Three phase high voltage induction motors
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